Linda’s story


Linda started 1BALANCE’S Easy program last summer. In the meantime, she has almost reached her target weight. After a very enthusiastic message from Linda, we decided to reach out to her and ask about her experience.

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Kim’s story

Kim started 1BALANCE’S Easy program last summer. In the meantime, she has almost reached her target weight.

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Experiences from our participants

I am almost done with week 11 and have already lost almost 11 kilos without being hungry. It is easy to maintain, and I am feeling a lot more energetic than I have felt before. When these 12 weeks are done, I am going to start again from the beginning and try to get to under 70 kilos, but I have complete faith in it thanks to your help. Thank you for sharing this with others!!

Astrid van den Bergh


I am really happy, 1.7 kilos in 6 days in week 1. It is easy to maintain, I can eat a lot and I can eat bread and pasta. I am curious for week 2 tomorrow!



I am starting week 5 today. I am so pleased because when I started, I weighed in at 83 kilos (I was really unhappy and never wanted to go above 80 kilos) and this morning, after 4 weeks of following your menus, I weigh 78.4 kilos. I disq every day and do Pilates 1x a week. It is very varied food which is easy to maintain. It is not about being on a diet but about eating healthy food!! I recommend it! It works for me.

Jane Petten


A nice way to be in a healthy and conscious manner with your food. It is very doable to maintain, nice variation of food, you do not feel hungry, and it is easy to prepare. My husband and 2-year-old child can easily eat with me and for them I would alternate between pasta, rice, and potatoes with it. So, I did not have to cook twice! Currently, I am 12 weeks in and 10 kilos lighter! I would recommend this to everyone. Thank you!

Monique Rouwenhorst


My 12 weeks are over now... Thank you so much Lorraine, losing weight has never been easier! I love the fact that I do not have to think about what I am going to eat, and I can just follow the program. I have lost 7 kilos and feel great. I am so happy I found this program!