Kim’s story

Last summer, Kim started 1BALANCE’S Dutch program last summer. In the meantime, she has almost reached her target weight. After a very enthusiastic message from Kim, we decided to reach out to her and ask about her experience. Below is her story!

Kim: “I was chubby as a child. I come from a family of real Burgundians; although we did eat healthy at home, we also regularly ate fries and chips. I have tried many diets in my life, in the year leading up to my wedding, I tried the Cambridge diet. I lost quite a lot of weight with this diet, on my wedding day I weighed 75 kilos. Unfortunately, this was only temporary, and when I moved in with my husband after the wedding, I gained my weight back. The years that followed were a continuous battle of dieting, stopping the diet and gaining weight again.

Last summer, I stood on the scale and saw 116kg. I constantly felt tired and did not even have the energy to go to the park with my two kids. That’s when I knew, I must do something about it. My mother got meal plans from her dietician and asked me if it appealed to me too. However, I did not feel like stepping the scale with something every week and then telling them what had gone wrong. I knew what was healthy and what wasn’t. After some research, I found the 1BALANCE website. Healthy meal plans which stated exactly what you can eat. Most importantly, I saw that it did not look overcomplicated, and it looked like delicious food. I decided to try it.

Direct results

The first two days, I had quite a strong headache, but I recognised this from previous attempts of losing weight. It was my body’s reaction to the lack of sugar. I pushed through it and after the first week, I already lost quite some weight! This was a huge motivation booster. This was not just fat that I was losing, I noticed that I also lost a lot of fluid. My eating patterns completely changed, for example, I barely ate breakfast before I started this. Also, I tended to eat a lot of chips when I came home from a late shift. Before I even noticed it, the bag was empty, and I went to bed with a full stomach. With 1BALANCE, I ate a hearty breakfast and made sure that complied to the meal plan during the day.

Six months later

I had almost reached my target weight by February! Since I could eat so much and had 6 mealtimes per day, I never really got hungry. This makes it easier to not snack as often.

I was also strict with myself! During the weekends, I might have shifted off the meal plan a couple times, but I tried to stick to it as good as possible. I would still buy chips and other delicious snacks, but it was easy to stay away from them. it also helps that there were no parties during this period, although I am not a heavy drinker, I do enjoy the occasional glass of wine at a party. I can imagine that it is difficult to leave the tasty things behind, but I now know that I make sure to eat enough beforehand so that I won’t be tempted as easily.

“Hey mum, you don’t have a big butt anymore”

Alongside the fact that I am happy with my weight loss, I am surprised about how much more energy I have now. I have my third night shift tonight and I don’t feel tired, haha. I have noticed that I have adapted my whole lifestyle. Since I weigh less now, I feel like moving more. If I go upstairs, I often get my elastic to do some exercises, and because of this I have more energy. Of course, it is also very nice for my husband and kids, and I find it very important to set a good example for them. I will still buy nice snacks, but not more than one bag of chips a week. The funniest comment I received was from my four-year-old son. Last year, to my embarrassment, he asked if mum had a baby in her tummy, but recently he suddenly said; “Hey mum, you don’t have a big butt anymore!”

Kim followed the Easy program from 1BALANCE. Below is an overview of the different programs, including an attractive discount of 50%!

Meal plans

Frequently asked questions

The program consists of 12 weekly emails. After you paid, I will immediately send you the first email. Sometimes they end up in different folders than the inbox, so make sure to check your spam and junk mail too . Every week participants will receive a new meal plan, with seven detailed daily plans. Each day consists of 3 meals and 3 snacks, adding up to 1500 kcal per day. This is enough to get all the nutrients (and not be hungry), and yet well below the average daily energy expenditure of 2000 kcal. In addition to the weekly menus, the program also contains an e-book with delicious recipes for the weekend, several practical tips, and a list of variations if someone does not like something!

There are no strings attached, I only charge the £39,00 once, which depends on the program that you have chosen (with or without coaching). The payment is done through ideal, which means that we will not be able to collect anything from your account in the future. It is 100% safe!

My weight loss program is not a crash diet, but a healthy way of eating with the goal of a long-term result. During the day you can eat a lot, which will prevent snacking in the evening. You will eat the right ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. This very important for weight loss!

Of course, you can! My advice is to eat according to the schedule during the day. Do not compensate by not eating anything because than the risk of starvation is higher and the consequences alongside it (for example, eating too much bread to supress the hunger). Order a dish with vegetables and have some fries with it. The plate doesn’t need to empty. ;) It’s best if the dessert gets skipped or shared with another, that way you are only eating half of the kcal. Alcohol does not help either, but a nice glass of wine should be allowed now and again. An extra hour of exercise does wonders!

It is very simple, the better you stick to the schedule, the faster you will lose weight. But I believe that losing weight should be fun. During the weekend, you can choose for something a little less healthy. Then opt for small portions. For example, share a pizza and eat a salad with it, or have a handful of fries with one snack and supplement this with some roasted oven vegetables.

Of course, the program is suitable to follow with others. The program consists of tasty, well-arranged meals that can be enjoyed by the whole family. However, the amounts are tailored to women who want to lose weight in a healthy way. Children can eat normally until they are full.

I combine carbohydrates with the right amount of fats and proteins. This combination ensures that the blood sugar levels do not rise too quickly so that the body does not have to make an unnecessary amount of insulin. This ensures that the normal amount of bread and pasta can be consumed, and you will still lose weight! The weekly menus consist of 1500 kcal per day. The average woman burns 2000 kcal per day and when overweight, this can be even more. The only way to see long term results, is to be eating enough every day!